Swimming Survey for Speedo

Speedo swimming survey

One-third of UK adults is not confident in water with 1 in 5 afraid to even put their head under the water. The survey, commissioned by Speedo, marks the launch of their Dive In campaign which aims to help improve the swimming skills of 10,000 Britons, by offering free swimming lessons between May and October 2016.

Deezer Shakespeare Case study

Deezer Bard or Bieber survey

Young people have a better knowledge of Justin Bieber than William Shakespeare. The survey of 1,000 UK adults aged between 18 and 25 was commissioned by music streaming service, Deezer who recently announced Bieber as their most streamed artist of the year so far.


TaskRabbit chores survey

The average American can expect to spend $138,866 on chores during their lifetime. That’s according to our survey for American household help providers, TaskRabbit. The study of 2,000 US adults found that Americans spend 14 hours a week doing daily chores

TSB Community research

TSB Community survey

74% of Brits think a post office is the most desirable facility in a town, closely followed by a bank. That’s according to our poll of 4,000 British people for TSB. The survey looked at community and in particular, what people want from and in their community.

Indeed Labs RO Case Study

Indeed Labs skin survey

Have you ever wondered what things damage your skin? We all know about the effects of UV rays and the damage sunbathing can do but the truth is our skin is at risk from things we experience every day, such as stress and even from our daily commute!

Marmite pet names survey

Marmite Pet name survey

Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. For the lucky half that loves it, you can now get a personalised jar of your favourite veggie extract and what could be a more romantic gift for Valentine’s Day than a personalised jar with your cutesy, sickly sweet pet name on it?