Harvey’s Furniture – The Perfect Sunday

We all have a perfect Sunday in mind. It normally consists of lounging around the house, watching loads of TV and having a traditional Sunday roast. Our survey for Harvey's Furniture looked into what components make-up the nation's ideal Sunday and what it consists of.

Spatone – Right Side of the Bed Survey

Wrong side of the bed - myth or fact? Our survey for Spatone Liquid iron supplement revealed whether Brits believe that there is a right side of the bed to wake up on in the morning

Healthspan – Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

We all know that vitamins and minerals are key to a healthy diet, and lack of either can lead to serious health issues. We surveyed the nation to reveal just how much we know about vitamins and minerals, and the effects of not getting enough.

Travelodge – Lack of Sleep

Do you feel like your lack of sleep is effecting your lifestyle? Our survey for Travelodge looked into just how much sleep we are getting a night and what effects how many hours of shut eye Brits are getting.

OnePoll Signs you’re in the doghouse survey

Picture the scene, men. You’re sitting on the sofa with your partner and you start to feel a cold chill coming from next to you. Is the window open? You get up to look when you notice her eyes following you around the room. “Are you ok?“ “I’m fine." 

Splendid Communications Influencer authenticity report

OnePoll recently collaborated with Splendid Communications as the research partner on their global authenticity report.

Reed Perfect job survey

What would your perfect job include? A 4 day, 24-hour week? A salary of £61,000? Free fruit? A boss that enjoys a pint? Well then you're in good company as our survey for Reed revealed these things would do it for most people.

Nick Jr Holiday boredom survey

The summer holidays are in full swing but don’t be fooled into thinking your child is loving time away from the classroom. Our survey for Nick Jr has found that it’ll be a mere 10 days before they’ll be telling you that they’re bored.

eDreams ODIGEO Generational Travel Survey

eDreams ODIGEO recently published their report into travel habits across the generations based on an international survey they conducted through OnePoll.

Nestle Professional BuzzBites: Hyper-convenience survey

OnePoll has once again collaborated with Nestle Professional for the BuzzBites reports. The reports aim to delve deeper into consumer attitudes and behaviour as well as to look at the current issues facing the food industry.