Who do you want to replace Mary Berry?

The Bake Off dream is over! Love Productions' decision to sell the rights of the iconic show to Channel 4 has been met with national outrage, becoming known as simply 'Bakexit'. The decision has also seen the stars of the show fall like a poorly secured gingerbread structure leaving social media awash with 'expensive tent' jokes.

The binge-watching life

In 2015 Collins English Dictionary’s announced that their ‘Word of the Year’ was in “Binge-Watching”. This decision was largely due to the staggering 200% increase in usage of the term that year. To me, this increase in the use of the word is not that surprising.

The greatest reality TV moments

The ‘wrong Miss Universe’ blunder at last year’s tournament has been named the most memorable reality TV moment of all time. The epic fail was witnessed by a TV audience of 7.6million and went viral on social media. Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was crowned for a full two minutes...

The reality TV habit

In light of the current explosive series of Celebrity Big Brother, which has had millions of viewers tuning in to the daily drama, OnePoll polled 2000 UK adults to discover what makes us so engrossed in reality TV. Nearly 4 in 10 of us watch some form of reality TV... we wanted to understand what draws us to reality tv shows.

Is poetry a dying art form or just evolving?

OnePoll conducted two nationally representative surveys, which found that 22% of Brits don’t even know who Robert Burns is, and less than half know that the great Bard of Ayrshire wrote Auld Lang Syne. 14% said they didn’t know a single word of the song – apparently not even realising that the title features in the lyrics ...

Call Me Caitlyn

Social media has recently been abuzz with the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner. We ran a quick snap poll, asking 1000 respondents how they felt about the transformation.

The portrayal of women in film and TV

It is a common conception that women are misrepresented in TV & film. Often the female characters function only to serve the male lead, or are gender stereotyped as the dumb/ unintelligent character or just there for their looks.

57% of Brits still don’t know what ALS stands for. Here’s what we really know about the ice bucket challenge.

The ice bucket challenge is the new big thing to take over most of our social media feeds, and, as the name slightly gives away, it involves chucking an ice cold bucket of water over yourself, filming it, and sticking it on social media. This is all done with the aim of raising awareness and donations for ALS/MND.

What is it like to live in London?

For a lot of people, London is the ultimate goal. Those following their dreams will often end up in London. OnePoll surveyed 1000 people living in London about the excitement, fun and downsides to living in the Capital.