10% of married women don’t trust their partners.

That’s the findings of our survey for solicitors, Cassell and Moore. The survey of 1,000 married people aged 18-65 found that around 10% of women admit to spying on their husband’s emails and texts messages.

For some, emails and texts aren’t enough, with 9% confessing to logging on to their partner’s social media accounts to see what they were up to.

But perhaps the most alarming revelation was the finding that 1 in 20 suspicious wives have downloaded secret tracking software to their partner’s phone in order to keep track of their whereabouts.

In contrast, men were found to be a little less paranoid than their female counterparts, with only 5% admitting to not trusting their partner. The survey, which featured on the Metro, also found that only 3% of men have snooped on their partner’s social media accounts.