Breaking Bad is the most binge-worthy TV boxset of all-time, according to our latest research.

Swashbuckling fantasy epic, Game of Thrones was second in the list followed by geeky American sitcom, Big Bang Theory in third.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults found that when it comes to movie series, the magical world of Hogwarts is number one amongst those polled, with Harry Potter being the most binge-watched film franchise. Middle-Earth is a big draw too, with Lord of the Rings coming second in the poll, while Star Wars was voted into third place

Drama was the TV genre that gripped people the most, and perhaps keen for some light relief, comedy was the second most popular genre – followed by action/adventure in third.

Other than the most popular things to binge-watch, the survey looked deeper at the nation’s binge-watching habits, including how we watch, where we watch and why we watch. To find out more head over to our binge-watching blog.

The story was featured in both the Sun and Daily Star newspapers, as well as a range of websites including The Western Daily Press, Belfast Vibe, The Bath Chronicle, Film News and more.

Top 20 most binge-watched TV boxsets

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Big Bang Theory
  4. Walking Dead
  5. Downtown Abbey
  6. Friends
  7. Broadchurch
  8. Sherlock
  9. Doctor Who
  10. Dexter
  11. Family Guy
  12. The Simpsons
  13. Orange is the New Black
  14. American Horror Story
  15. Lost
  16. The Office
  17. Supernatural
  18. Grey’s Anatomy
  19. The Sopranos
  20. Gotham

Top 20 most binge-watched movie series

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Star Wars
  4. Die Hard
  5. Indiana Jones
  6. James Bond
  7. Back to the Future
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean
  9. Hunger Games
  10. Batman
  11. Fast and Furious
  12. Alien
  13. The Matrix
  14. Star Trek
  15. X-Men
  16. Shrek
  17. Avengers/Marvel
  18. Twilight
  19. Godfather
  20. Rocky