TSB joint bank account survey

A new survey for TSB has found that 9 out of 10 couples are pooling their money in a joint current account. Younger generations, however, are taking longer to do so than their predecessors.

Nothing put away for a rainy day

70% of UK adults have no financial plan in place should they lose their job. In fact, 1 in 6 has no savings put away at all.Our survey of 2,000 adults found that even those who do have money put away fear that it would only last them a short while

This Morning sex toy survey

Go almost anywhere online this week and you'll probably see some mention of Holly and Phil's latest This Morning giggle fit. This time, the pair lost their cool during an innuendo-heavy review of sex toys carried out by Good Housekeeping readers. The hilarity began as Holly read the results of a supplementary survey This Morning and ITV had conducted using OnePoll.

The cost of being a sports fan

Supporting a sports team can often cos you tears, sweat and sometimes blood, but our survey has shown that the costs are in fact much more tangible. We asked 2,000 sports fan about the financial impact of being loyal to their favourite clubs or team.

Intrepid Travel digital detox survey

What would you give up for wifi? Travel company, Intrepid Travel, wanted to find out. The survey of 1,500 American adults found that alcohol, food and exercise were among the items people would sacrifice in order to keep a month’s wi-fi access.

IGH hotel booking survey

76% of UK travellers use online travel agents when booking their getaways because they believe they will get a better deal. Similarly, 87% believe that price comparison websites showed all available rates.

Grazia gender fluidity survey

We were commissioned by Grazia to explore young women’s views on gender and sexuality. The research follows a rise in celebrities challenging gender norms and advocating gender fluidity.

SSAFA The Longest Night survey

Today, the 10th May marks the 75th anniversary of The Longest Night; the worst night of the Blitz. To commemorate the tragedy, Armed Forces Charity, SSAFA, commissioned a survey into people’s understanding of the event.

Shimano e-bike survey

34% of British people would choose an electric bike over public transport, our latest survey for bike brand Shimano has revealed. Reasons contributing to the selection of the electric bike include speed, the need for less physical effort compared to push bikes and more hygienic, compared to the manual equivalent.

ITV Lorraine stylish men survey

Tom Hiddleston’s Jonathan Pine has been voted the most stylish character on TV according to our survey. Pine was the leading character in the BBC’s drama The Night Manager which aired earlier this year. Hiddleston’s dapper Jonathan Pine pipped Idris Elba’s Luther to the top spot.