st john ambulance

St John Ambulance first aid survey

An unconscious child is the most frightening scenario for 74% of parents according to our recent survey for St John Ambulance. The survey runs in conjunction with a recent video by the charity which urges parents to learn CPR in case of emergency situations. Our survey of 2,000 parents found that only 1 in 4 would know what to do if they were faced with a child that wasn’t breathing.

Halloween Costumes

Channel Mum Halloween costume survey

Almost half of parents believe costumes aimed at children are too frightening. The survey of over 1,000 mums for parenting site, Channel Mum, found that 1 in 7 are worried that Halloween costumes are becoming more sinister year on year with a third saying costumes no longer have traditional Halloween themes but are instead designed simply to scare people.

Frank and Fearless Survey Loose Women

Loose Women frank and fearless survey

Three-quarters of women are unhappy with the way they look. That’s just one revelation from our landmark ‘Frank and Fearless’ survey for ITV’s Loose Women. The survey of 5,000 women looks at the lives of British women focussing on the topics of body image, sex and relationships and their hopes and fears for the future.

a lifetime in the pub

A lifetime in the pub

Many of us love going to the pub. In fact, it’s woven into our national identity but it turns out those trips to the boozer are adding up. In fact, our recent study found that in or lifetime we’ll spend an average of £90,942 propping up the bar

Who do you want to replace Mary Berry?

Who do you want to replace Mary Berry?

The Bake Off dream is over! Love Productions’ decision to sell the rights of the iconic show to Channel 4 has been met with national outrage, becoming known as simply ‘Bakexit’. The decision has also seen the stars of the show fall like a poorly secured gingerbread structure leaving social media awash with ‘expensive tent’ jokes.

OnePoll Earworms Survey

50 most common earworms survey

Everyone’s got that one song that once they’ve heard it, won’t leave their heads. Our latest survey might be able to help! We’ve named the top 50 most common earworms so you know what songs to avoid! Scotland’s finest, The Proclaimers, took the top spot with their perpetually catchy ‘I would walk 500 miles’.

Groupion Work Stress

Groupon work-life balance survey

Work, work, work. That’s all many of us seem to do. A new poll for deal giants, Groupon, has found that 60% of Americans have an unhealthy work-life balance. The survey of 2,000 Americans revealed that the average American takes a meagre 11 days vacation a year and most of these are taken for things other than rest and relaxation