Nestle Professional BuzzBites Good Food Report

Nestle Professional BuzzBites: Good food, good life survey

OnePoll has recently worked in collaboration with Nestle Professional to conduct research as part of their BuzzBites report series looking at the current issues facing the food industry. Our research features in their first quarterly report “BuzzBites report: Good food, Good Life” which focusses on the issues of nutrition, health and wellness and the impact of these things on the food and restaurant industry. 

Blue Cross Lies

Blue Cross little lies survey

Christmas is coming. Time to lie to your kids. ‘Santa is watching’ has been revealed as the most common lie parents tell their kids. This was followed closely by ‘we’ll see’ and ‘we’re almost there’. The threat of a lack of presents from Father Christmas was used by 62% of parents to keep their children’s behaviour under control.

Fisherman's Friend Sick Days Survey

Fisherman’s Friend sick day survey

People are taking less sick days this year than last year, according to our latest survey for Fisherman’s Friend. On Average workers took just 1.67 days, despite suffering 3 bouts of illness, compared to 1.85 days last year. In fact, 51% haven’t taken a day off at all for a minor ailment in the last 12 months

Savings survey for Nationwide

Nationwide savings survey

How much money would you need to save for you to feel financially secure? Our survey for Nationwide Savings revealed that for most people it’s a hefty £21,000. However, the survey of 2,000 UK adults found that, in reality, most people fall short of this by approximately five grand, with most only having saved £16,460.