Lucozade Sport health app survey

Health apps are changing our motivation to exercise, our survey for Lucozade Sport reveals. A whopping 52% of those surveyed revealed they would be more likely to be active if they used a health app. But motivation isn't the only thing driving the use of apps.

Broadband Genie fake news survey

British voters are concerned that fake news could have an impact on the forthcoming general election, our survey for Broadband Genie. 42% of the 2,000 UK adults believed that fake news had influenced last years (2016) EU Referendum.

Ladbrokes Eurovision feelings survey

It's that time of year again when an entire continent goes off their heads for some cheesy pop music and national stereotypes. That's right, it's Eurovision!

Nationwide age profile surveys and infographics

As part of an ongoing marketing campaign, Nationwide commissioned a series of surveys to find out more about the people of Great Britain. Each survey took a specific age group and identified the average characteristics of that demographic.

Digimarc digital transformation in retail research

As official research partner for Planet Retail, we were commissioned to conduct B2B research for a project in partnership with technology retailer, Digimarc. The research looks at how the retail environment is transforming as a result of the expanding purchase options online and the impact of these changes on consumer behaviour and retail spending strategies.

National Express Britain’s prettiest street survey

The Shambles in York has been named as Britain's prettiest street in our survey for National Express. The 14th Century street, with its wall to wall timber framed buildings, took the top spot ahead of Edinburgh's Royal Mile and The Circus in Bath.

RSPB Bird knowledge survey, quiz & video

More than half of UK adults can't identify a sparrow according to our survey for pre-school series, Twirlywoos. In fact, the survey found that people's knowledge of birds is generally quite poor. extra tuition survey

Many British parents are prepared to remortgage their homes, borrow cash, and give up on family holidays to pay for private tuition, our survey for has revealed. 45% of the 1,000 parents of 10-16-year-olds surveyed believe that paying for extra tuition is crucial to guarantee success in exams.

Innocent seasonal fruit and veg survey & quiz

How well do you know your seasonal produce? Our quiz for Innocent has revealed that for most people that answer is 'not very well'. One in ten believe all fruit and veg are available all year round and a third didn't realise that some produce tasted better in certain months of the year.

Groupon personal spring clean survey

Americans spend 20 minutes longer getting ready in the warmer months our survey for Groupon has found. The increase in time is due to a personal 'spring clean'; something that 60% of Americans practice.