Coventry has been named pet capital of the UK.

Our survey of 1,000 cat and dog owners for Animal Friend Pet Insurance revealed that the good people of Coventry spend a whopping £52.77 on their pets each month.  Broken down that equates to:

  • £14.44 on toys
  • £11.11 on grooming and pampering
  • £27.27 on food

In terms of pampering alone, Aberystwyth was top of the pile spending £20 a month. Wrexham, however, were at the other end of the scale spending just 71p on their pet luxuries. Equally low on the list were Gloucester and Worcester who spend just £1.42 on toys.

Winner of the most pets was a  28-year-old woman from London who had a staggering 33 animals, including birds, horses, and lizards.was

The story was featured on The Express.