Many of us love going to the pub. In fact, it’s woven into our national identity but it turns out those trips to the boozer are adding up.

In fact, our recent study found that in our lifetime we’ll spend an average of £90,942 propping up the bar. The lifetime bar bill would include 13,000 alcoholic drinks and over 3,000 shots.

So what makes us head out for a cheeky drink? The survey of 2,000 UK adults found that catching up with friends was the key reason followed by the simple desire for a quiet drink and to get away from the partner and/or kids.

But there is one issue which has split pub goers for many years: rounds! To buy or not to buy! The jury is still out. More than 1 in 4 admitting they avoid having to get the drinks in. With the issue being so debated it’s no surprise that 1 in 10 have ended up in a row with their drinking pals over a round. The top 10 reasons and ways to dodge a round are featured below, just in case you want any tips or things to look out for.

The survey landed in the national press in The Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Star as well as making online publications such as The Sun, The Mirror, The Express, The Scotsman and Beer Today. The survey also featured as a question on Scott Mill’s Real or No Real on Radio 1.

Top ten ways to avoid buying a round

1.   Drink slowly when it’s your turn so someone else buys the drinks
2.   Hold the door open to let the group in so you were at the back when you get to the bar
3.   Go to the toilet when it is your round
4.   Bought a round as early as possible in the night to avoid expensive rounds of shots later on
5.   Pretend to have an important phone call when it is your turn to buy a round
6.   Pretend to forgot your wallet
7.   Wait until last in the hope people have gone home when it gets to your turn
8.   Go out for a cigarette when it is your turn
9.   Said you had to go as it was approaching your turn
10. Talk about how skint you are to make your friends feel guilty about asking