Everyone’s got that one song that once they’ve heard it, won’t leave their heads. Our latest survey might be able to help! We’ve named the top 50 most common earworms so you know what songs to avoid!

Scotland’s finest, The Proclaimers, took the top spot with their perpetually catchy ‘I would walk 500 miles’. And without sounding like a cheesy radio DJ it’ll probably take you 500 miles to get it out of your head.

Queen had two entries in the top 3 with people naming classic rock anthems ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We are the Champions’ as songs they commonly struggle to dislodge.

But it’s not just smash hit singles that wormed their way into people’s brains. Jingle bells came in at no. 17. It’s probably the sheer number of times we hear this festive favourite over the winter months that makes it stick.

TV themes were also listed as common earworms. The Friends theme was the highest ranked at no 19 but other catchy TV classics included MOTD (no.23), the theme from the Monkees (no 28), retro classic Happy Days (no 31) and the Addams Family (no 32)…..click click. Damn!

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